Rates and Fees

thelalofts@mac.com or call 323-462-5880

Thank you for inquiring about The LA Loft Daylight Location for your production. We are located in the heart of Hollywood close to most major photography and film production needs. We rent grip, Profoto lighting and production equipment only, no cameras, digital capture equipment or props. There maybe other lofts available in our building for photography and production needs. A 50% deposit and certificate of insurance is required to confirm the location with balance due prior to entry.

Location Rates:

$ 800.00 Casting (8 hours)
$1000.00 1/2 Day Still Photography (6 hours)
$1500.00 Still Photography (12 hours)
$3500.00 Video Shoots (14 hours and under 20 people including crew and talent) $5000.00 Commercial / Filming Production (14 hours)

Additional fees that may apply:

$300.00 Weekends, Holidays
$300.00 Site Rep (required for productions)
$300.00 B Roll (video recording or interviews on still shoots)
$350.00 Lockout Fee (equipment, merchandise or production left in loft overnight)

$200.00 Overtime per hour still photography(before 8:00am and after 6:00pm)
$500.00 Overtime per hour film or video productions (before 7:00am and after 7:00pm)

$300.00 Cleaning Fee (set building, filming productions, food and multi day shoots)

$150.00 Cleaning Fee (large still shoots, castings, liquid spills or left a mess)
$125.00 House Power Charge (includes 100amp bates paddle)
$150.00 Exterior Lighting (per parking space)
$125.00 Utility Bathroom (recommended for large productions and mandatory for set building)

$2500.00 Parking lot (for productions that need it)
$1300.00 Other Loft for Production Space (for productions that need it)
$125.00 A/C Usage Fee


4 large unobstructed south facing windows with black out capability
4 large skylights over the shooting space
Sonos App connected to 4 speaker stereo system *New Feature AUX Cord Connection!
30’x65’ (3000 square ft.) unobstructed length of hardwood floors that have patina from age 12’-14’ high ceilings

13 tons of central air conditioning and heating
Wardrobe area
Private bathroom w/shower stocked with hand soap, paper towels and toilet paper Kitchen w/electric stove/oven, refrigerator, toaster, coffeemaker, water boiler Drinking glasses, coffee mugs and reverse osmosis filtered water
Garbage & recycle cans with trash bags
3 parking spaces in our gated lot